Radar TowerMonitor the weather across an entire continent or within a single cloud.

When WSI and EEC decided to team together, we created a union with the ability to deliver the most advanced hardware, applications and weather forecasting available on the market today. Whether you need a radar system to monitor some distant outpost in a virtually inaccessible corner of the Earth or suburban neighborhoods near a TV station, WSI and EEC can build a package to suit your needs. With C-, S- and X-Band Radar Systems, our products allow clients to monitor huge swaths of the planet or peer into a cloud to determine whether precipitation is rain, snow or sleet.

Our C-, S- and X-Band Systems feature:

  • Long-life Magnetron technology
  • Advanced radar motion control systems for better spatial resolution and more accurate data
  • Sophisticated BITE with user definable system monitoring capability
  • 24/7 unattended remote operation
  • Optional automated preventative maintenance elements

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