Max Weather

Create and distribute stunning visuals for every platform in a fast, no-render environment. One simple user interface saves time and eliminates the need to learn several different applications. Content created for broadcast is easily formatted and pushed to other platforms.

Powerful Applications You’ll Only Get With Max:

Max Sky brings real-world visualizations to the weather office and visualizations that your audience will not forget. Driven by RPM data, Max Sky allows your talent to produce hyper-local forecasts whether it’s downtown or by the shore. From the atmosphere to our ‘night look’ our approach is unmatched in the industry.

Max Studio allows your talent to stay in front of the chromakey especially when weather breaks. New features added to MAX Studio will allow you to incorporate an unlimited amount of your viewers’ social posts through Max Social Interactive. Interactive Live Lineups provide a more flexible way to present content, especially during breaking weather.

Max One turns on-air hits into digital video for other media platforms with the click of a button. The Max One recording feature allows you to quickly produce a hit for the web and/or mobile devices, keeping your viewers engaged and informed everywhere.


Max Weather


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