New Text To Speech Upgrade Now Available!

When severe weather breaks, there isn’t time to search for the alerting system. Your weather team needs access from anywhere in the building to see active advisories and get to air first, with the system flexibility to present the story within your station’s own unique brand and presentation style.

Live:Wire™ with SimulCast technology alerts your team when severe weather warnings are issued and provides instant access to the command and control application from anywhere on your station’s network to quickly get an overview of the situation and send information to air as fast as possible.

Now, with the new Text To Speech feature, you can cost-effectively comply with the FCC’s Weather Warning mandate by:

  • Automatically generating text to speech (TTS) audio of your crawl message in English or Spanish
  • Having audio embedded in HDSDI (internal key) or sent as external AES audio (external key)
  • Allowing for user selectable audio channels for TTS audio as well as pre-crawl tones
  • Utilizing available PC speaker output to monitor audio playback
  • Creating .wav file for playback on other devices
  • Selecting either a male or female voice
  • Utilizing a custom dictionary for correct pronunciation of local cities and counties

Live:Wire with Text to Speech Makes You Ready



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