North America

Within North America, WSI provides lightning data from the United States Precision Lightning Network™ (USPLN™) and North American Precision Lightning Network™ (NAPLN™). Both are advanced lightning detection networks providing the highest quality, most accurate real-time and archived lightning stroke data available on the market today. With over 170 sensors covering the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean, data from these networks supplies critical information to clients in the US Government, media, transportation, energy/utility, recreation, manufacturing, and consumer markets.

WSI’s lightning networks


  • Supply data without delay thanks to diverse format and delivery options facilitating integration into existing systems and applications
  • Provide the most comprehensive lightning detection information including individual cloud-to-ground strokes
  • Distinguish between cloud-to-ground and cloud lightning events
  • Deliver impressive and consistent technical metrics – over 90% detection efficiency and 250 meter mean location accuracy throughout most of North America and delivery uptime greater than 99.99%

    Map of Alarm Region of U.S.  

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