WeatherFX Response

Predict The Impact of Severe Weather on Your Policyholders

WeatherFX Response is the industry's first real-time geospatial risk analysis platform. As part of the powerful WeatherFX EcoSystem, Response enables your team to instantly predict the impact of severe weather on your policyholders. You can view policyholder data in relation to a storms swath, enabling your team to make decisions ahead of the competition. Its like having your own team of meteorologists on staff.

How does it work? 

Response notifies your team via text-message and/ or email when a weather-related catastrophe is approaching your policyholders locations. These alerts are based off of PIF (Policy-in-Force) and/or TIV (Total Insured Value) thresholds, which are set by your team for each peril.

WeatherFX Response displays real-time ground-truth via social media, confirming a storms impact. Insurers can then circle a geographic region on the map to automatically send policyholders proactive messages through integrated text and email. WSI is the only company to deliver this real-time verification and proactive engagement.