WeatherFX Replay

Investigate and verify claims by leveraging historic weather data from WeatherFX Replay.

WeatherFx Replay is a web-based forensics portal that provides instant access to street-level weather data to identify severe weather impact.  WeatherFX Replay currently analyzes historic lightning and will soon encompass a wide variety of additional datasets, including hail and heavy rainfall.

How does WeatherFX Replay work?

WeatherFX Replay’s easy-to-use interface on web and tablet allows claims personnel to login to a secured online portal from any location. Within this portal, users can enter the time and location of interest as well as related claims information. Weather data associated with these parameters will display on the WeatherFX Replay interactive map with event details. This information is easily exported into claims software via PDF, CSV or raw shape files for further analysis.


Did you know?

  • The average claim for a home hit by lightning is $5,000*; WeatherFX Replay can help your team identify potential claims and verify others
  • Lightning damage accounted for about $960 million in homeowners insurance claims each year from 2007 to 2011*

*Insurance Information Institute