WeatherFX Alert

Provide early warning to policyholders when safety and insured assets are at risk.


Prevent claims, save money

Being proactive is the best way to avoid claims. That’s why WSI created WeatherFX Alert, a system that prepares policyholders via text message and email for severe weather events. These alerts provide 30 minute advance warning direct to your policyholders, enabling them to move their personal items, including large assets such as cars, prior to a storm’s arrival.

How does it work?

It’s simple; users visit your website to sign up for the alerts. During signup the user defines their location preferences and specifies the types of mobile alerts they’d like to receive. There is no limit to the number of users or the number of SMS messages that can be sent.

Differentiate your brand

The WeatherFX Alert text messages and emails are different from ordinary severe weather alerts. These alerts are a perfect way to differentiate your brand from the competition.

  • Eliminate over-alerting: WeatherFX Alert uses location-based/polygon data instead of county alerts to provide your policyholders with notifications that directly affect them, delivering more precise warning.
  • Provide earlier warning than competitors: WeatherFX Alert offers 30 minute advanced warning.
  • Show customers and potential customers that you care: Our system allows your company to brand the alerts in your name, positioning your team as a trusted resource for severe weather information.
  • Learn more about your customers: Build a relationship with policyholders and potential customers by collecting valuable information about new users.
  • Provide individual alerts for hail and lightning: Competitors combine these variables into a severe thunderstorm alert while WeatherFX Alert pinpoints and warns for lightning and hail specifically.

Case Study

In the spring of 2012 one insurer reported 9,800 claims from a St. Louis hailstorm. 60% of those claims were from cars. If just 3% of those 5,880 policyholders protected their vehicles before hail arrived that would translate to 176 cars at $3,200, or a $563,200 savings.


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