WSI Trader

As the world’s global markets become increasingly interconnected, WSI offers the only weather decision support platform providing a comprehensive global view of the latest 15 day forecast, including dynamic alerts and notifications as needed. WSI Trader represents the next generation of weather platform by integrating market-moving features and customer-driven enhancements into one, unified portal. In a market where time is money, WSI Trader provides highly skillful, first-to-market, actionable data giving commodity traders a valuable edge over those looking at isolated emails and graphics.

The development of WSI Trader was driven by extensive feedback from global commodity traders and enables users to:

  • Interpret – quickly and easily – the latest WSI forecast and how it has changed 
  • Evaluate precipitation forecasts in key power and hydro-electric regions 
  • Access a full two weeks of forecast data (providing 15 days of weather patterns, instead of just 10, thus allowing for better quantification of demand in Weeks 2 and 3) 
  • Visualize easy-to-read, weighted model forecasts for each power/gas region and country in both tabular and graphical formats.



WSI Trader


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