WSI Weather 101

WSI has a host of products that deliver information critical to those making decisions on trading floors and in operations centers around the world. Now there’s another tool we offer that allows you to use our products more efficiently and make critical decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

Our Weather 101 training program can refresh your knowledge of basic meteorology (including physical meteorology, pressure and wind, atmospheric circulation, thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and weather forecasting tools) or deepen your understanding of medium range forecasting models, model forecast skill, El Nino and La Nina flow patterns, and intra-seasonal oscillations.

We strive to make Weather 101 conducive to your particular needs – customize the subject matter and hold classes at your offices, our offices (Andover, Massachusetts) or online. Courses are taught by WSI’s senior meteorologists with extensive experience in forecasting for energy trading and utilities markets.

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