Lifestyle and Health Maps

If your business revolves around outdoor activities, travel or agriculture, WSI has a range of maps to keep you and your clients informed regarding current conditions and future weather forecasts. Maps are easily integrated into most websites and provide the clear, accurate and concise data WSI has become known for over the past thirty years.

If your business revolves around being in the great outdoors, we can help you track water temperatures, wave heights, golf turf conditions and more. For our clients whose businesses are tightly linked to the travel industry, we offer forecasts for today and tomorrow, anticipated airport delays and even a heads up on whether it’s a good day to put the top down on the convertible.

For our clients in the agriculture industry, we provide extended forecasts detailing anticipated precipitation and temperature ranges, frost and freezes, the Palmer drought index, crop moisture, soil temperature, watering needs and temperature departure.

We even offer maps that appeal to those in the health arena. With information regarding the degree of air stagnation, the likelihood of respiratory distress, key areas of influenza infection, UV strength report and more, you’ll become the resource patients use to help determine their activities for the day.

Map of U.S. displaying areas with weather for great golfMap of U.S. displaying influenza report by state

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