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WSI Pilotbrief is the standard for the top FBOs, corporate flight departments and airlines, who rely on Pilotbrief to deliver the highest quality weather information, radar and satellite imagery available at an affordable, fixed monthly fee. WSI delivers Pilotbrief services via satellite or the Internet providing the most flexible briefing services.

WSI Pilotbrief Optima™

For the ultimate in on-demand aviation weather anytime, anywhere pilots are turning to WSI Pilotbrief Optima. A new service that takes comprehensive weather coverage, reliability, high-impact visualization and forecast accuracy to a whole new level, it is fully compliant with the FAA’s Qualified Internet Communications Provider (QICP) program, WSI Pilotbrief Online provides access to WSI’s award-winning briefing services from any Internet enabled web browser. Enhanced features include a suite of high def radar depiction products and the global information not previously available.

Pilots can graphically combine aviation weather, airspace notifications and their actual planned flight route into one interactive workspace to easily evaluate alternatives and make the best pre-flight decisions.

WSI Pilotbrief™ Optima for FBOs

WSI Pilotbrief Optima for FBOs is the next-generation, web-based platform for pilots to receive their pre-flight weather briefing. FBOs can be up and running in only a few minutes with WSI Pilotbrief Optima on a Windows-based computer. WSI Pilotbrief Optima features interactive content such as the ability for a pilot to overlay their flight plan and weather layers simultaneously while still receiving a regulatory weather and NOTAM briefing.

Pilots and aviation personnel around the world utilize WSI Pilotbrief to plan and optimize global flight operations based on its high quality, actionable and industry-leading weather graphics and briefings. One of the few online weather services fully compliant with the FAA’s Qualified Internet Communications Provider (QICP) program, WSI Pilotbrief Optima is an easy and affordable way to offer the weather service that is preferred by pilots. Available features include WSI HD NOWrad radar, High Definition Echo Tops, High Level Significant Weather, GFS Winds and Temperatures, Global Lightning, Global radar products, and WSI’s proprietary Enroute Hazards for global flight operations.

Summary Features for all WSI Pilotbrief Products:

  • WSI’s award winning NOWrad® Radar Mosaic
  • National and Regional Radar Summaries
  • 5-minute Single-site Base Reflectivity
  • WSI AVcharts
  • WSI Worldwide Flight Plan Guidance Graphic
  • TFRs
  • Automated Route Briefings
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Worldwide Aviation Text Weather
  • Global High Level Significan Weather
  • Global Lightning
  • 24x7 High Availability Data Centers 


WSI Pilotbrief Optima



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