WSI Seasonal Forecast

Each month WSI releases a seasonal forecast based on the anticipated weather for the next three-month span. Top insurance, risk management companies and financial institutions around the globe trust WSI to deliver easy-to-use, timely and expert weather guidance to help anticipate market volatility, mitigate risk and make critical decisions with confidence. Forecast adjustments are sometimes made as additional data is received; monitor this page frequently for the latest information.


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WSI: Cool Temperatures to Continue Across Northeastern US in April
Summer Appears Mild with Limited Risks for Big Heat Central/Eastern US
WSI Europe: No Significant Change in Pattern in April
Above-Normal Summer Temperatures Expected Scandinavia & Eastern Europe; Near-Normal Temperatures Western/Southern Europe
WSI: Cold Likely to Linger, but Lose Intensity Heading into Spring
Below-Normal Temperatures to Persist in Northern and Central US
WSI Europe: A Generally Warm, Dry Spring Expected
Lack of Notable Cold as Mild Atlantic High Pressure in Control
WSI Europe: Hopes of Sustained Cold Weather Decreasing Heading into Late Winter
Atlantic Blocking Continues to be Elusive
WSI: Cold January to Roll Right into February
No Sign of Any Sustained Warm-Ups for Next Few Weeks
WSI Europe: Colder Weather to Become More Common Northern/Western Europe as Winter Progresses
Colder High Pressure to Become More Dominant as Atlantic Blocking Increases
WSI: After a Mild December, Colder Pattern to Take Hold in Eastern US
Colder Pattern Right on Schedule to Ring in New Year
WSI Europe: Warmer Weather to Eventually End Northern/Western Sections
Another Mild Month in December Followed by Transition to Colder Temperatures After New Year
WSI: December Respite From the Cold Expected in the Eastern US
Cold Pattern Expected to Return Again After New Year
WSI Europe: Winter Weather Will Wait
More Warm and Wet Weather this Autumn, Increasing Chances of Colder Weather After New Year
WSI: Warm Fall Transitions to Cold Winter in the Eastern US
Recent Indicators More Strongly Suggestive of Cold Pattern Settling in After New Year
WSI: Widespread Above-Normal Temperatures to Continue Through Autumn
Evidence Mounting for Pattern Change toward Colder Weather in Late Winter
WSI: Cool Fall Temperatures to Continue Across Central US, With Above-Normal Temps on Both Coasts
Early Winter Forecast Calls For Warm North/West, Cold South/East
WSI: Forecast for Reduced Activity Still on Track
Only Two Named Storms by Late August Represents Slowest Start to Season in More than 20 Years
WSI: General Summer Pattern of Warm/Dry Northeast, and Cool/Wet Southwest to Persist into Autumn
Early Signals for Winter Still Mixed, But Colder Risks More Likely Late in Season
WSI: Coolest Fall Temperatures to Remain Focused in the Central US
Early Indicators Leaning Cold for the Upcoming Winter
Coolest Tropical Atlantic in 20 Years and Emerging El Nino Still Suggest Reduced Atlantic Tropical Activity
Various Forecast Models in Good Agreement
WSI: July Pattern Expected to Continue into August
Warm and Dry Conditions Across North, Cooler/Wetter/Windier Across South
WSI: Cooler Summer Temperatures to Remain Focused across the Central US
More Variable Temperatures Expected in the Northeast for August/September
No Change to Expectations for Relatively Quiet Tropical Season
El Nino and Cooler Atlantic Waters Still Expected to Suppress Activity
Warm Summer Weather Still Expected Across Northern/Eastern Europe Later in Summer
Recent Pattern Change to Much Cooler Temperatures across Eastern Europe Seen as Temporary
Threat of Cooler Temperatures Increasing as Summer Progresses in the North-Central and Northeast
Hottest Temperatures to Become More Focused Across Western US
WSI: Warm, Dry Summer Expected Across Northern Europe
Parts of Southern Europe to Have Cooler, Wetter, Windier Summer
WSI: Relatively Quiet Tropical Season Still Expected
Cooler Atlantic Waters and Emerging El Nino to Reduce Activity
WSI: Above-Normal Summer Temperatures Likely Confined to Western and South-Central US
Still Expecting the Weakest Cooling Demand Since 2009
WSI: No Change to Forecast for Tropical Season
Relatively Quiet Season Still Expected as Cooler Atlantic Temperatures Persist and El Nino Continues to Develop
WSI: Coolest Summer Since 2009 Expected
Emerging El Nino Event to Enable Reduced Summer Heat Risk across Central/Eastern US
WSI: Warm and Dry Conditions Likely Eastern Europe
Wetter, Windier Conditions More Likely North and West Late Spring and Early Summer
WSI: Westerly Winds to Continue to Prevail Across Europe During Spring
Still No Sign of Any Imminent North Atlantic Blocking that Would Change “Locked-In” Pattern
WSI: Above-Normal Spring Heating Demand Likely In Great Lakes/Northeast
Early Look at Summer Suggests Reduced Risk of Excessive Heat in Central/Eastern US