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WSI Claims 'Critical Mass' for Turbulence-reporting System
WSI's Total Turbulence product achieves "critical mass", helping airlines reduce their exposure to turbulence incidents.
WSI Pilotbrief’s Revenge
Could a fee-based weather service be worth the cost to a GA pilot when there’s so much free weather data online? WSI thinks so, and we think they may be right.
Virgin Atlantic Chooses Weather Services International for Aviation Decision Support
Largest International Weather Company and Leading Global Airline Team for Advanced Flight Operations Management
WSI Expects European Cold to Move Northward in March and Milder Weather to Follow in Spring
WSI (Weather Services International) Corporation expects temperatures for the approaching period (March-May) to average warmer than normal across all European locations, except for Iberia.
Snowstorms' blow to economy put at $1.3B
Snowstorms that socked the region could deliver a $1.3 billion blow to the economy, one-third of which retailers never will recoup, says a Pittsburgh economist.
WSI Hubcast Alerting Adds Flight Tracking
WSI Corporation, the most trusted weather decision support provider in the aviation industry, today announced the addition of an optional Class 2 Aircraft Situational Display (ASD) Service Plan to its Hubcast Alerting web service.
Weather Firm: Georgia, Carolinas most at risk in upcoming hurricane season
It’s late January, and most people are considerably more interested in Super Bowl predictions than hurricane season forecasts.
You Do Have to Know Which Way the Wind Blows on the Grid -- Study
How and when the fickle winds blow are increasingly critical issues for operators of the nation's electricity grid, concludes a new 10-year assessment of regional outlooks for renewable energy.
Predicting the Wind: A New Forecasting Tool for Wind Power
When President Obama unveiled yesterday the administration’s $3.4 billion plan to upgrade the electricity grid, one of his points was that a better grid would be better for clean energy: “It will allow us to more effectively transport renewable energy generated in remote places to large population centers, so that a wind farm in rural South Dakota can power homes in Chicago,” he said, picking a Midwest city completely at random.

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