WSI Announces WeatherActive Digital Solutions

Weather Authority Develops Branding Tools for Next-Generation, Mobile Media

Andover, MA April 6, 2010 - WSI (Weather Services International) Corporation, the leading provider of superior weather data and graphics services for the majority of US broadcast and cable networks, today announced its WeatherActive Digital Solutions, a suite of online tools, including WeatherActive Mobile, WeatherActive Map and WeatherActive Daily, which help broadcasters extend station brands to the Internet and mobile platforms, while taking full advantage of advertising opportunities and eliminating the need to share space with competing vendor brands.

“With a recent study showing an overwhelming majority of Americans (92%) using multiple platforms to get news and weather information*, broadcasters and cable networks, alike, are facing the challenge of extending their brands into the digital world,” said Bill Dow, WSI Vice President and General Manager, Media Division. “WSI has responded to these challenges with our new WeatherActive Digital Solutions. Now stations and networks can extend their web and mobile presence by customizing these products to mirror their on-air look and feel. Our solutions not only help stations build brand online and in the mobile world, they also can - increase website page views and ad impressions.” 

WeatherActive Mobile

WeatherActive Mobile extends a station's identity to the smart phone. WSI’s private label approach allows a station to customize multiple features of the application so the only the station’s weather brand is seen. A station can also overlay its own radar, if available.

A recent Pew Research study revealed that 72% of all mobile phone users check the weather on their phones throughout the day. With this innovative WSI application, viewers have the opportunity to receive local forecasts – including current conditions, hourly forecasts, 10-day forecasts and NWS warning/watch/advisory alerts. The application also features GPS, saved station selections and video playback.
Currently available for the iPhone (iTouch and iPad), the WeatherActive Mobile application will offer the same features for the Android platform (Droid, Nexus and HTC) in June.

Features of the WeatherActive Mobile iPhone Application include:
• Both current and saved location selection
• Compass integration on 3Gs model
• Customized branding
• Banner ad placement
• The station radar over interactive map
• Station supplied video

WeatherActive Map

WeatherActive Map was designed to provide stations with website content compelling enough to attract an internet audience and an interactive experience rich enough to bring that audience back to a television station’s website again and again. WSI reinvented the interactive weather map, making it easy for site visitors to use and easy for a station to update and maintain. Since WSI doesn't rely on external map services, the only branding that appears on a site is our customers and the look and feel of the map and weather information matches on-air. And unlike other services, WeatherActive Maps require no ad sharing or external links.

WeatherActive Daily

Weather Active Daily provides sponsored, automated complete daily weather email forecasts and a customized web site personalized by location for registered site visitors. The registration is built for a station and all registrants belong to the station, not to WSI. Comprehensive weather information for 10,000 forecast points in the Continental United States and 50,000 sites around the globe provide the most accurate local forecasts for subscribers as well as extending a station’s reach far beyond their DMA.

The email can be customized for the station’s on-air look with the station’s brand. The product is hosted at WSI and only takes a couple lines of code to implement…a station can be up and running in no time. Customers keep all the ad revenue and WeatherActive Daily is designed to work well with existing page templates and ad placements. 

*2010 Pew Research Study, Understanding the Participatory News Consumer

About WSI Corporation
WSI is the most trusted source of weather information across the globe. WSI is recognized as the world's leading source of professional on-air weather systems and forecasting tools for television. More of America’s leading broadcasting and cable companies choose WSI than any other weather provider. WSI is a member of The Weather Channel Companies and is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts with offices in Birmingham, England. The Weather Channel Companies are owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. 

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