Robust Infrastructure

WSI Central computersFor over thirty years, WSI has maintained an unwavering commitment to monitoring, analyzing and depicting the weather. As a result, we are recognized as the world’s leading meteorological information resource. To secure and maintain this reputation, we have developed an infrastructure unrivaled within the industry. The highlights include:

  • Creation of the world’s largest commercial meteorological database – incorporating information from the U.S. National Weather Service, U.S. military, Canadian, British, and Japanese governments, other international agencies, and commercial vendors
  • Ownership of extensive data collection facilities for NEXRAD, satellite, NWP models, lightning and other meteorological data
  • Receipt of NEXRAD data via the NWS Central Radar Distribution System and also through NOAAport as a redundant path
  • Management of 21 on-site satellite dishes to support the volume of inbound data needed to create the variety of products supplied by WSI

The heart of WSI’s data capability is our Central Processing Facility. Information from a variety of sources flows into WSI at the rate of >100 Gbytes per day and is processed in the WSI data center to produce over 300 Gbytes of added products for our customers. This mission critical data is distributed to thousands of customers through our sophisticated network of high-speed satellite systems, Internet servers and landlines.

Since the delivery of information to our clients is often time-critical, we have a number of systems in place to insure the lines of communication are always open. The Central Processing Facility houses a distributed computing architecture comprised of over 600 physical and virtual systems. Delivery of data occurs over numerous leased landlines, via the Internet, and over dedicated satellite links.

WSI has multiple connections to the Internet on Gbit fiber links. We also operate a geographically diverse secondary data center in Atlanta with connectivity to all major sources of data, as well as a critical secondary processing infrastructure. Our 4 x 2 Megawatts of onsite diesel power generation is clean enough to qualify for direct access to the local power grid. An integrated building UPS provides rollover power and system backup at 100% data center load for over 30 minutes – though less than 30 seconds is required to draw power from the generators.