WSI: Coldest Air to Retreat to Northeastern Europe and Northwestern Russia in March

Below-Normal Temperatures More Likely Across Western/Southern Europe in April and May

Andover, Mass. (February 26, 2013) — Weather Services International (WSI) expects temperatures for the upcoming period (March-May) to average slightly higher than normal in most regions, although expect significant intra-seasonal variability is expected.

“The winter of 2012-13 has been quite cold across northern Europe, while the southern regions have been milder and quite wet, which is fairly typical with the numerous atmospheric blocking episodes that have occurred. Going forward, all of the objective evidence suggests that the coldest March weather, relative to normal, will occur in northeastern Europe and western Russia, with milder southwesterly flow becoming established across much of Western Europe,” said WSI chief meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford. “For April and May, the objective guidance suggests that the blocking will finally relax, with milder temperatures developing across northern Europe and any below-normal temperatures confined to western and southern sections.”

In March, WSI forecasts:
Nordic Region* – Colder than normal Finland, warmer than normal elsewhere
UK* – Warmer than normal
Northern Mainland* – Warmer than normal
Southern Mainland* – Warmer than normal, except Iberia

In April, WSI forecasts:
Nordic Region – Warmer than normal
UK – Cooler than normal
Northern Mainland – Warmer than normal
Southern Mainland – Warmer than normal, except Iberia

In May, WSI forecasts:
Nordic Region – Warmer than normal
UK – Warmer than normal
Northern Mainland – Warmer than normal
Southern Mainland – Cooler than normal

WSI provides customized weather information to global commodity traders via its industry-leading WSI Trader website. WSI will issue its next seasonal outlook on March 27, 2013.

*To view the map defining WSI’s European regions,click here.

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