WSI and Weather Central Offer Robust Social Media Functionality in Launch of Fusion Social

Social Media Features and User-Generated Content Added To Fusion; WSI and Weather Central to Sell SocialNewsDesk as Part of Bundle

Andover, Mass. (April 8, 2013) – Weather Services International (WSI) and Weather Central today launched Fusion Social, an important new addition to the popular Fusion weather production system. Utilizing all the features of WSI’s extremely successful Max Social product, Fusion Social enables local television stations to engage in social networking and empower their meteorologists to reach weather consumers without losing focus, time or money. Fusion Social is powered by technology from SocialNewsDesk.

To learn more about Fusion’s new social features, come to the WSI-Weather Central booth #SL1710, South Hall Lower, at the 2013 NAB Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, April 6-11.

“Fusion Social takes a station’s weather franchise to the next level. It enables an on-air weather team to connect directly and continually with their local audience, especially during severe weather events – when quick sharing of information is so important,” said Bill Dow, vice president and general manager, WSI media division.

With a target of accelerating the growth of their social media audience, broadcasters can use Fusion Social as a fast and easy way to send information to and receive information from their online followers. Fusion Social, developed in cooperation with SocialNewsDesk, is a secure, interactive weather application enabling broadcast meteorologists to send forecasts and receive user-generated content quickly via Facebook and Twitter. It allows station meteorologists and viewers to exchange information, pictures and videos through social networking.

Fusion Studio’s new social functionality works on three levels. First, it quickly and easily enables broadcast meteorologists to upload and post important weather updates to Twitter and Facebook. Second, it gives a station’s meteorologists instant access to pictures, reports, comments and videos that their Twitter followers and Facebook fans post about a current weather event. Finally, it enables the weather team to send the user-generated content back to the station’s website, Facebook pages and Twitter account, as well as incorporate it into their on-air weathercasts.

SocialNewsDesk Solution
With the goal of driving more socially engaged fans and followers to stations, WSI and Weather Central will now be reselling the SocialNewsDesk product. The newsroom solution will enable the entire news team to carry out the station’s social media strategy by being first to social channels with breaking news, increasing engagement, pushing more viewers to the broadcast and sending more traffic to the Web, while also providing new sales opportunities.

SocialNewsDesk’s easy-to-use dashboard is built with the needs of a newsroom in mind. It allows everyone in the newsroom to work together to publish content to multiple social accounts, respond to comments and monitor which posts are generating the most activity, all through a single-screen view. Also, the unique SocialNewsDesk Facebook applications give newsrooms a way to stand out, build fans and drive traffic to the broadcast and web.

“The only social media solution designed by news people, for news people, SocialNewsDesk is the engine that also drives Max Social and Fusion Social,” said Kim Wilson, founder of SocialNewsDesk. “With unique templates that make it easy for everyone in the newsroom to produce highly consumable content, SocialNewsDesk provides a quick, easy route to drive TV and Web traffic, as well as an additional advertising platform to monetize the broadcasting franchise.”

About WSI Corporation
Weather Services International (WSI) and Weather Central are the world's leading providers of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the energy, aviation, insurance and media markets, as well as multiple federal and state government agencies. Together, they comprise the professional division of The Weather Company and are owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms, The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

About Social News Desk
SocialNewsDesk is the only social media solution built specifically for newsrooms. Its specialized interface gives news teams a simple way to cultivate content and interact with fans and followers through one centralized system. Built with the needs of a newsroom in mind, SocialNewsDesk provides stations with the tools they need to leverage social media in driving ratings and page views. And sales teams use SocialNewsDesk to sell social media sponsorships in a brand-new, content-rich way that exceeds advertisers’ expectations. For more information, please visit

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